tamara dees

///momentum II


Frames, glass, car paint, 275x215 cm
Caldic Collection/ Voorlinden.

In 2015 I installed Momentum, a large wall piece inspired by pictures in newspapers about the tsunami of Japan in march 2011. Especially the moment that the wave hitted the coast was a subject to illustrate the devastating power of the water. The piece I made in 2015, Momentum I, was a socalled frontal view of the moment. I decided that I wanted to make a view from the left and a view from the right as well to make it three dimensional. At Art the Hague Momentum II (as seen from the right) was shown for the first time. This piece is sold to the Caldic Collection/ Voorlinden.

Of Suffering, Tamara Dees

Momentum II at Art The Hague 2016 (as seen from the right).