tamara dees

///the bat

installation in De Bewaerschole, Haamstede

Exhibition The Bat and The Island by Tamara Dees and Ruth van Beek curated by Desiree de Baar and Stijn Kriele

the bat


Press: 3/2012 PZC, Nico Out, 'Een boot boven je hoofd is best ongemakkelijk' ('a boat above your head is rather uncomfortable')

detail of the bat

For 2012 The Bewaerschole selected artists for five duo exhibitions. All projects were based on the shape or the history of the building or had to do with the area around it, a very quiet but touristic region. The Bat is a small sailing boat hanging upside down from the roof. The shape of this old infantschool is very basic and it reminded me of pictures I saw of a boat upside down turned into a barn in Scandinavia. The visible roof construction in The Bewaerschole has similarities with a boatshape upside down.