tamara dees

///schepen gaan (ships passing)

installation in public space

In 2006, CBK Zealand commissioned 12 artists to make a work for a temporary exhibition in Fort Ellewoutsdijk, Borsele, at the coast of South Beveland (NL).

Curated by John Blaak Participating artists: Jeroen Doorenweerd, Florentijn Hofman, Marcelle van Bemmel, Broos (Zeger Reijers/Pietertje van Splunter), Menno de Nooijer, Wies de Bles, Martin Mc Namara, Tamara Dees, Linda Molleman, Stefaan van Biesen en Vadim Vosters.

during installation


schepen gaan, ©Lex de Meester

What at the entrance of the fortress with its red and white stripes looks like a road barrier contains a periscope that overlooks the fortress. By a system with mirrors it provides a look at the Westerschelde where you can see whether ships go by or not. The periscope is built in a way that ships dissappear like in the Bermuda Triangle. The choice for the colours seems outstanding but it suits perfect in between navigation poles and lighthouses when you look from the water.