tamara dees

///tot ziens (see you later)


june 15-24 Voorstraat 123 Dordrecht

embroided text "tamara, tot ziens (see you later, tamara)

table for thinking


fabric doll dressed like me

For the exhibition 'Peeping', the final show from the Post St Joost students in Dordrecht I made several installations related to each other and interacting with the building. In one room I hung an embroided text someone wrote to me. Simple words that mean a lot to me, it raises the expectation to see each other again. In the opposite corner was a fireplace and I laid a doll that looks like me with the head hiding in the corner. Afraid to look what will happen. In the hallway I placed a small table with two holes in the tabletop. The holes are pressed in the surface with elbows. In a space in the corridor I placed an empty counter. A sign above the counter does not clarify a thing. In the last room I blocked the entrance and showed a slide projection in the doorway of the same doll but in another place.