tamara dees

///ware grootte (actual size)


6 x 2.40 m wood, tape, cardboard, paint

Caesuur Middelburg 27/9 -1/11/2008

thanks to Hans Overvliet, Willy van Houtum and Hein Verwer.

ware grootte

A sitespecific installation made for Caesuur. An artist-run space in Middelburg where the projects can only be seen from the street. This makes it nessecary to integrate the work in the dominant architecture. For this project I made Ware Grootte (Actual Size). I built a part of the side of an empty barge. Plating in actual size. In another smaller window of the building I showed a model of my plan. A barge sailing behind the facades of the street. How does a ship relate to a house, a trip to a residence. How big is a feeling? The ship out of its context, or just in place?