tamara dees


multichannel video

june 1-30 2008 CBK Zeeland Balans 17, Middelburg (NL)

Participating artists: Koos Dalstra/Marion van Wijk Tamara Dees Jelle Clarisse/ Sarah d'Hont Quinten Buijsse Participating architects: Taco Tuinhof Don Monfils Guy Mertens/ Yan Peeters Jan Willem Bosch

connected, 4'33

For the exhibition 'Waterscheiding' I worked together with Don Monfils, architect. Twice we walked along the banks of the Westerschelde where we both grew up. The first time in Flushing, where Don was born, then in my hometown Terneuzen. Our discussions were about how the Westerschelde had influenced our childhood memories at both banks. Our foundation was largely influenced by the ever-present Westerschelde. When we were children the river pulled to explore and to dream. Later in life, the water was missed during holidays and when we had to live somewhere else for further education. The common thread in the interviews was the river Westerschelde as the basic element playing a major role in the lives of people living on both sides. I decided to make a videopiece. A work consisting of two projections that seem to play with each other. On both videos a child plays on a bank with. The child discovers a rope in the water and tries to pull it out. This happens on both sides and sometimes the rope seems to become one. The film raises issues. There is a tension and it is not clear what happens exactly. Are the children connected with each other, with the water?