tamara dees

///the cribbar


picture taken from the Headland, Newquay

Fistral Beach, Newquay

The Cribbar has been show in the Sub Urbanespressobar in Rotterdam during 'Time, no time 3'. A series of video-pieces and performance recordings - and fragments from them - in which artists, consciously or unconsciously, set about the challenge of time, this element which can be measured exactly but at the same time is oh so elusive.

the Cribbar

Newquay's coastline is familair with surfers for the excellent waves. The cribbar, named after the reef which stretches half a mile from the beach, is a legendary wave that only breaks at Fistral Beach around once every 2 years. This incredible swell can reach heights of around 40 feet. Many surfers have attempted to ride the wave although this should only be attempted by experienced surfers. It is rarely seen due to several unique conditions essential to its creation. From the old coastguard lookout on Towan Head I filmed the endless ocean with a vague light at the horizon. The film itself is only a short part which I edited backwards and forwards in a loop. There is not much action in the film but it raises expectations.