tamara dees

///Tor Magnolia

127 minutes

Shape of the canal connecting Ghent (Belgium) to the Westerschelde and the Northsea.

Tor Magnolia in the exhibition Towards Confluence in the HISK in Ghent.

Curated by Remco de Blaaij and Kamila Wielebska
Participating artists: Æ – Ramon Hulspas and Erik Vermeulen, Erica Boom, Tamara Dees, Grzegorz Klaman, Joanna Malinowska, Tanja Muravskaja, Patrycja Orzechowska and Erno Rubik

HISK, Ghent (Belgium), 6/2 – 15/3/2009
Dick de Bruijn Contemporary Art, Middelburg 26/4-30/5/2009
Nieuwe Binnenwand, CBK Rotterdam, 14/11-14/12/2009
CC Evergem (Belgium) 7/4-30/4/2010
Zimmer Frei, Schellens Eindhoven, 9-10/7/2010
Long Shots #29 SUE Rotterdam 2011

Thanks to the pilot, captain and crew of the Tor Magnolia
Freddy Martin, DFDS
Havenmeester Terneuzen
Havendienst Gent
Adri van den Berge, Montis Mooring Terneuzen
David Moolenburgh, Zeeland Seaports
Multraship Towing and Salvage

Tor Magnolia

Tor Magnolia is a filmed journey by container ship on the canal from Terneuzen to Ghent in Belgium. For the exhibition Towards Confluence, n. 3 in the ‘Curator Curator’ series of ERforS in collaboration with HISK Ghent I was invited to participate. I was intrigued by the book ‘Heart of Darkness’ by Joseph Conrad. The story is about a trip on a steamboat to the inlands of Africa. This trip is a metaphor for the journey to the inner human being. I wanted to make a film about the trip from ‘outside’, the gate to the sea, to the inner, Ghent harbour. The film is a real time trip through changing landscapes, sometimes empty and quiet, sometimes busy and crowded. The film starts in the lock in Terneuzen and passes Sas van Gent and Zelzate. It ends in the Mercatordock in Ghent harbour. The sound in the film is what you hear in the cabin, the crew and sounds from the VHF Radio.

Excerpt of 2.30 from Tor Magnolia