tamara dees


ongoing project

Gustave Dore’s woodcut of Charon, the ferryman.

videoinstallation with three crossings in CBK Rotterdam during the exhibition Nieuw Zeeland


invitation CBK Rotterdam

over (Sluiskil-Sluiskil) 9’25
over (Langerbrugge-Oostakker) 9’54
over (Terdonk-Doornzele) 8’38

Over has been exhibited at Dick de Bruijn Contemporary Art Middelburg (only Sluiskil) 26/4-30/5/2009
Nieuw Zeeland, CBK Rotterdam (Sluiskil-Sluiskil, Langerbrugge-Oostakker and Terdonk- Doornzele) 14/11- 14/12/2009

during the filming of over (Langerbrugge-Oostakker)

Over (Sluiskil)

Ongoing project about travelling by ferries over waterways. The canal between Ghent (Belgium) and Terneuzen in the Netherlands has three opportunities to cross by ferry. All these crossings I filmed with the camera on a tripod. The whole trip was filmed from A to B and back to make a loop. Every trip ends where it started. The static view leads the attention to simple things that happen during the crossing; people entering the ferry, waves, a meeting with another skipper and the beauty of the game between shadows and sunlight.
The collection will include new crossings in the near future.