tamara dees

///the piece


performed in Artis, Den Bosch on januari the 3rd 2001
and in the Cacaofabriek, Helmond on januari the 28th 2001.

From this performance I made a video called ‘the piece’.
This was shown during ‘Overslag Presenteert’ at De Overslag in Eindhoven, 8-24/4/2001 and at Zimmer Frei, Schellens in Eindhoven, 9-10/7/2010

I have a suit made which I can use to dress up as myself. The suit was based on the clothing that I usually wear: simple black pants and a black t-shirt with long sleeves. I also made covers for my shoes, a wig which looks like my hair and a mask of my face on a stick. When I enter the room, the performance begins. I have the costume on hangers with me and a box of attributes. The clothes I hang on a hook and I mark a cross on the floor with ducttape. In the box is also a mirror that I hang near the clothing. I start to put on the pants over the clothes I am wearing. Then the shoes and the shirt. I put the wig on in front the mirror. Finally I get my mask from the box and walk to the cross on the floor. There I stand with the mask in front of my face and stay there for about 1 minute facing the audience. After this minute I walk back to where I put on my costume and I start to take off. I put the clothes on hangers, the attributes in the box and I leave the room.