tamara dees


installation in public space

20 wooden signs, 10x20cm

june 10+11

Hedah Buiten/ Hedah Outside
A Hedah project in the City Park of Maastricht.
Curated by Miriam Reeders and Daan van Wel
Participating artists:
Judith van den Berg, Tamara Dees, Esther Didden, Birgitta van Drie, Wietse Eeken, Tamar Frank, Sjoerd Lautenbach, Chris van Steenbergen

gauge rod

The starting point for this project was the dream to build an own boat. With a few drawings I’ve looked in the park what trees I could use to build a ship and went to the city hall of Maastricht to get a chop permit. For twenty wooden parts, I made signs and hung them on trees. During the exhibition a trailor with information for visitors was in the middle of the park. Here I had hung the drawings and the now rejected cutting permit. The display of this plan provoked unexpected outrage from neighbors who did not like it that I found my dream in ‘their’ beautiful old trees. During the exhibition one sign disappeared.