tamara dees


//just finished

june 6 launch of the new magazine Platform Platvorm at Bart Invites, Amsterdam

Show what you want Show, Bart Invites, Amsterdam june 6-28

July 1-5 Dart/Artenova, Mechelen (B)


August 2-29 Anonymous Drawings, Kunstverein Tiergarten Galerie Nord, Berlin (G)

August 19-30 Tekenkabinet, Museum Waterland Purmerend

September 6-november 1, Art Streams, Ramfoundation, Rotterdam

October-December Elisabeth hospital, Tilburg

October new works at Galerie van den Berge, Goes

Booklaunch Echoes of Artificial Landscapes, Vleeshal Middelburg


//work in progress

Size of suffering is an ongoing theme for new works. What started with a series of boatpeople, over and over again the same picture used as a base for trying techniques and methods is a subject for a lot more works. Works on paper and installations.
At the moment I am preparing an exhibition in Tilburg in the Elisabeth hospital. For this place Piet Hein Eek designed three showcases for contemporary art. I will show works about the relationship between size and the experience of size. And the relation between size and importance. The sizes of older famous paintings about shipwrecks are the base for a new installation.

Migrants (2012)

//latest added work

2013 (©Kurt De Wit)

I am he as you are he as you are me as we are all together (©Leo van Kampen)

The Bat